Jenny L Miller | About

Hola, me llamo Jenny Miller. I write, I photograph, and I connect with people. I'm a Storyteller.


One of my BFFs calls me a People Collector... in a good way, don't worry. I live to connect, communicate, and share.  There is such an amazing power in the "Me too!" Other people sharing their stories have helped me overcome my own. When I've shared my stories, they've come back saying "ME TOO!" and we were both changed for the better. I want to help you share your "me too" stories. Your life is beautiful and you have something worth sharing, worth hearing.

My goal is to entangle all of our roots together so we have no choice, but nourish not only ourselves, but those around us because we are all dependent upon each other.
We really are. 

For the basics of who I am... Mother, artist, activist, ourdoorist. I enjoy everything from hiking, camping, and traveling to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, power lifting, and clothes shopping. I'm not ashamed of the lattes I'm addicted to nor the selfies I take nor of my social awkwardness. 

The social justice issues I work the most to help are: 1. Undocumented immigrants. They are human beings and deserved to be treated with respect and dignity. 2. Women's rights. As a survivor of domestic and sexual assault, we need to fix this problem. Now. 3. LGBTQ+ rights. Everyone deserves to live life as they choose. Everyone deserves the same rights. Everyone deserves to love who they love. 
There are more things that are important to me, of course, but those are my top 3.